The Uncut Seminar

My name is Chris Carney. I am an experienced teacher, speaker and developer of Uncut Hair Care Products. I have traveled around the country attending ladies’ conferences and meeting women from all walks of life and at different stages in their walk with God. During my conversations with them, I have found a desire for a deeper understanding and revelation about uncut hair.

That’s why I prayerfully developed The Uncut Seminar: to educate and empower women to embrace the deep spiritual connection between uncut hair and God. My goal is to lead women into a deeper revelation by revealing the difference between the world view of hair and the Word view of hair with gentle wisdom.

The Uncut Seminar is comprised of three classes which address the crucial aspects of the 21st century Pentecostal woman’s hair:
• Controversial: from ancient times to today, a woman’s uncut hair has been perceived as a source of mystical power, great wealth and with contempt. How does this influence today’s Christian woman?
• Physical: The Lord created hair with many firewalls of protection and layers of strength. Does this mean He created a woman’s hair to remain uncut?
• Spiritual: In Genesis, we find a loving God who created woman from His perfect love. Does creation include a woman’s hair?

These questions and more are answered during The Uncut Seminar!

Each class is established in sound doctrine and designed to promote a positive experience that does not compromise nor usurp Pastoral authority.
Why an Uncut Seminar?

• Women are yearning for more knowledge about uncut hair.
• When they come to an Uncut Seminar, they’re EXPECTING to learn about uncut hair!
• It empowers women to seek a deeper revelation in their walk with Christ.
• The Uncut Seminar produces a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages questions and further query.
• It opens a door of communication between a woman and her Pastor to gain more understanding.

For more information and booking availability, please contact:
Christine Carney