Before and After Plaque Psoriasis

In August, I received a distressing message and group of photos from Aimee. She expressed her frustration, sadness and desperation for relief from Plaque Psoriasis. Along with her message, she sent some unbelievable photos:

Aimee went to a dermatologist, and was prescribed medicated shampoo and scalp treatment. They didn’t work.

Aimee was so discouraged and I felt horrible for her! We discussed various treatments and options. Aimee decided that for the next 30 days, she would only use the following Uncut Hair Care Products:

Heal Thy Scalp Treatment: To be massaged into scalp/scales everyday or as often as possible. Leave on area for as long as possible!

B+B Sea Salt Shampoo: Use once a week, alternating with Ethnique shampoo and conditioner.

Ethnique Shampoo and Conditioner: Use once a week, alternating with B+B Sea Salt Shampoo.

Here are the results 10 days into the treatment:

The transformation and healing exceeded ALL my expectations! But wait…there’s more!

Results just short of 30 days of treatment:

New hair growth!

Here is Aimee and her testimony:

I have suffered for years, since I was a teen to be exact, with dry scalp. I assumed it was dandruff and used different dandruff shampoos but it never really went away. Over the years it got worse and my forehead would join in with the flaky dry skin. I tried no poo methods and it would help only a little but still dry. I finally went to a doctor who prescribed medicated shampoo but it barley touched the problem. My scalp would itch and I started noticing the dry portion form patches that starting enclosing around the hair. It was worrying me, so I went to a dermatologist and he said it was psoriasis and suggested the same shampoo I already had and a medicated oil to apply overnight. Once my husband brought it home I took one whiff and said “There is no way I can use this. It smells awful!”
I remembered seeing Chris from Uncut Hair Care at the Wisconsin Ladies Retreat and thought to e-mail her pictures of my scalp and ask for a recommendation. She suggested the b+b Dead Sea salt shampoo and Heal Thy Scalp oil. Once I started using it the thick flakes started to fall off and some slowly disappeared. I unfortunately lost some of the hair because the flakes were so thick the hair was stuck in them. But within 2 weeks the skin looked normal and the hair felt healthy. It has been about a little over a month and I can see the hair I lost is now growing back. So happy to have beautiful healthy hair and scalp again.



Hair and a Lesson in Humility

Humility: The quality or state of being humbled.
(Merrium-Websters Dictionary)


Every Sunday, somewhere, a woman is praying, “Dear God, Please let my hair do what its’ supposed to do the first time!” (In Jesus’ name!)

Well, let me tell you: My Sunday had come! The Lord Jesus, the Most High and Wonderful God, Creator of Heaven and Earth smiled down on me this particular day, and answered my effectual and fervent hair-prayer.

A hundred fold!

My hair did not just ‘get it right’ the first time. It went up into this gorgeous mass of big, silky, perfectly placed curls and rolls. The outcome took my breath away! My hair looked so amazing, it made me look thinner!

I could not wait to go to church. I wanted to share the miracle! I held my head a little higher, I could not feel my shoes, and it didn’t hurt to suck in my stomach!

When I walked into church, Sister Peggy met me at the door, and said, “Chris, your hair looks so pretty today!”

I smiled demurely and replied, “I know. I know.”

On my way down the hall, I was met by my sweet friend, Jessica. She stopped, did that back-up-and-take-notice stance and said, “Girrrrl! That is some hair gone gorgeous!”

I smiled super big and said, “I know, right?!”



Finally, I made it to the Sanctuary. I sucked in my stomach extra tight, straightened my skirt and made myself ready for my grand entrance. I swept open the doors, and I heard the epic theme music from “Gone with the Wind.”



I floated down the aisle and found a place to sit. As I stepped into the pew, my toe caught on a speaker wire. In slow motion, I began to fall between the two pews. I could hear myself screaming in a deep, slow motion baritone, “NOOOOO!!!!” To this day I have no idea if I screamed out loud, or if it was in my mind. Honestly, I do not want to know.

My Bible flew one way, almost hitting a sweet elderly sister sitting a few rows up. My purse went in front of me, and I landed face first in a mini-pack of Kleenex sticking out of it. If not for my big purse, I know I would have ended up with a concussion.

There I lay.

My Pastor’s wife came to me and asked if I was ok. I started crying. I was hurting quite a bit. I knew I reinjured the elbow that I had broken a few months earlier, and I banged my shoulder pretty hard on the way down.

Oh. And, there was the issue of my pride. It. Was. Humiliating.

Once I got up, Jessica came over and brushed me off. She had found my Bible, and assured me the elderly sister was fine.

“Are you ok?”
“Yes, I am. How is my hair?”
“Well, it…is…okay.”

I went to the Ladies’ Room and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My hair stood like the Great Wall of Crushed Curls on the side of my head I had landed on.

I straightened my hair as best as I could and started laughing. It was such an object lesson in humility, it was hilarious! I laughed so hard, I cried.

In the end; I did reinjure my elbow, my shoulder was bruised, my hair was a mess, and by the grace of God, I did NOT have a concussion.

“But he giveth more grace.
Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud,
but giveth grace unto the humble.”
James 4:6

Excerpt from “Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Hair” written by Christine Carney