Desperately Seeking a New Hairstyle!

Next week, I hop on a jet headed for the Western District Ladies Conference, in Modesto, California. I need a new hairstyle. Preferably, one NOT from the 1990’s. I’d settle for Hairstyle, circa 2010!

What is it abut travelling that makes me wig out? (hehehe…)

Seriously. There’s something about going to new places and meeting new people that behooves me to up my style quotient. All of a sudden, I want to look the part of the beautiful, mysterious-but, not weird- well put together World Traveler with nice shoes and amazing hair!

I’m stressing out over this! Can you tell?

This morning, while I was applying my exfoliating mud mask, I looked in the mirror at my white-faced with a wild-woman-crazy-lady bun flopping off the side of my head reflection. The reality of my soon coming trip to California flashed before me like an end-of-life vision. A desperation swelled up inside and I realized: Something had to happen.

I looked myself square in the eyes, and said, “Christine Marie. You are the developer of the BEST hair care products on the market. You are a nerdy genius, who possesses the ability to create 100% natural hair conditioning oil with just the right blend of essential oils that works mad-miraculousness on hair.”

I silently rinsed my face, patted it dry and then stared at myself with a dumb look. I have to tell you: I  got pretty irritated and said in a firm voice, “Just DO your hair! Watch a video and DO your hair!” At that point, I wasn’t even listening. I turned off the bathroom light and walk out on myself.

Do you want the truth? I have no real knowledge or ability to DO my hair. There. I said it. Did I mention I have a layover in LAX?


P.S. I eventually listened to myself and went to the land of YouTube. Here’s what I found!

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