An Epic Failure is Just What I Needed!

In 2007, I accidentally launched the Christian-based company,
Uncut Hair Care Products.

For years, I had made an all-natural oil to condition and strengthen my hair as it grew to its natural length. I got many compliments on my hair and requests for the oil I made. So, I’d whip some up for friends and family. Then, one day, a dear Sister from church suggested that I begin selling it, adding the fact that there’s a real need for quality products for those of us who do not cut our hair. I never thought about selling it, but-why not?

Thus, began Uncut Hair Care Products.

I made my first batch and took it to a “Help Me Heal” conference and SOLD OUT! After that, I began getting letters and phone calls for orders. I was amazed! I felt as if the Lord had incorporated my passion for knowledge, scriptural consecration and the right for all women to grow their hair into his will and ministry for me.

My business grew-within a year, orders were coming in every day and I began developing a complete line of shampoo, conditioner and some dynamite treatments! God’s hand was on Uncut-there was no doubt!

Fast forward to 2012:

I decided to open a local, whole food store, Leafy Greens. I sunk all of our savings, took out several loans and mortgaged our house for this business. It was what I had always wanted to do!

You know how “they” always say it’s ALL about, “Location, Location, LOCATION!? My sweet little store was a quaint, bohemian shop in a beautiful old building: a building in a location which no one could see.

Leafy Greens consumed my time: I rarely saw my husband, let alone any of my children and grandchildren! I withdrew myself from all my church ministries. And, I could no longer keep up with the orders for Uncut products.

It became apparent that I needed to trim some things in my life to insure the success of Leafy Greens. I borrowed more money; I opened for longer hours, 6 days a week. That didn’t work, so I opened on Sundays. It didn’t help. I was losing money at an outrageous speed. Then, I began baking and making different food items for the store. I was desperate to find that “magic bullet” which would set my tail-spinning world aright!

It was at that point, I quit making Uncut Hair Care Products. I made the announcement on Facebook, and received many letters of encouragement and admonition to continue! But, I couldn’t keep up. I was broke, and getting broker by the minute.

That was November, 2012.

On December 31, 2012, I fell and broke my arm. I couldn’t work for about a week. Everything came to a STOP! It was during that week, that the Lord asked me, “So, was it worth it?” I started weeping. NO. This business was not worth what it required of me. All at once, everything I’d sacrificed for Leafy Greens played through my mind, like a sad montage.

I didn’t know what to do. Failure was not an option. I couldn’t handle the shame of it. So, I continued to forge ahead, trying everything I could possibly think of to keep my head above water. And, still lost money, until finally, I could no longer pay my bills, take out any more loans or get another credit card. It was over.

By March, 2013, we were a quarter of a million dollars in debt. We had to file bankruptcy. Lost everything except the house we live in and the vehicle we drive. I was devastated.

In mid June 2013, the Lord whispered, “Are you ready to do what I called you to do in the beginning?”

I began to weep, “Yes,” I cried, “Yes, I am!”

That simple word, “Yes” began an upward swing toward the re-launching of Uncut Hair Care Products. I received a generous monetary gift and was able to get the lab in my basement back up and running. Plus, I’ve had the time to increase the product line to address the many needs of growing hair.

Out of the ashes of an epic failure, the Lord called me back to His original plan!


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